Tuesday, August 21

Charlee Chase & Ms. Vixxx Wack Your Cock Off!

Ms. Vixxx and I may be your Dream Doctors. Abdominal pains? An erect penis? The diagnosis is simple. You need to release some pressure and we're happy to help. We slide on our colorful latex gloves, grab some medical grade lube and wank those pains away. We can feel the pressure building up. We make sure to roll your balls around in our gloved hands as well as stroke up and down your shaft and over your head. Now let go! Release all that tension in your body. We'll take a swab of your cum and give it a test, but you should come back once a week for at least a month!

Monday, July 16

Milf Charlee Chase Fucks Massage Parlor Customer!

Welcome to Charlee's Massage Parlor! Elijah loves my parlor and has asked in advance for a clothing optional session for this appointment. Elijah is a very sexy, fit, athletic man who wants to relieve some tension and I'm more than happy to help him out. He's laying naked on the table and I walk in naked to join him. I begin by rubbing down his upper body with my relaxing scented lotion. His body feels to nice to touch. I work my way down to his stomach and six pack abs, caressing him all over. His cock jumps as I tough his upper body. Next I work on his upper thighs, grazing across his balls with my hands and big tits as I massage him closer and closer toward his cock. I use a different oil to help relax this part of his body. Now it's time for the true stress relief! I massage his balls and oil up his cock, stroking him up and down his hard shaft with my experienced hands....

Monday, June 11

Charlee Chase And Sheridan Love Puss 'N' Boobs

Where have all the good girl-girls gone? They were a thing of the 1990s, when big-busted superstars like SaRenna Lee, Traci Topps and Danni Ashe ruled. These were girls who would not fuck guys on-camera but would fuck other girls. A three-time SCORE covergirl (Holiday '12, March '14 and April '15), Sheridan Love was discovered on Twitter. Sheridan is the princess of Twitter. She has close to 92,000 followers. With all that, she's still very girl-next-door-ish. A girl-next-door but not in the Naughty Neighbors way. She is every inch a SCORE Girl. Originally from Texas, Sheridan now lives in Las Vegas, a town that seems better suited to her style. I knew Sheridan was a fan of big toys and pussy.

Monday, March 12

Milf Charlee Chase Sucks Cock With Puffy Jacket?

I'd forgotten to grab my gloves when I left for the evening and was surprised to see Elijah laying on the bed naked, jerking off using one of my soft puffy jackets when I walked back into the room. Ahhh, that's how my jackets keep ending up so dirty! I show him that the purple puffy jacket I'm wearing out is even softer than the one he's using to wank with and decide to stay home a little longer to show him how great my jacket really is...

Tuesday, January 30

Charlee Chase In Blacks On Cougars

Charlee Chase runs a major plumbing company and she's looking for new apprentices to fill spots left by others. Isiah has come in looking to fill a void, but Charlee's mind wanders into uncharted territory: sexual harassment. Isiah's eyes and ears can't believe that the boss of the plumbing company is breaking protocol by flirting with him. It's not too long before the cougar-in-power is on her knees and sucking the big black cock of a potential new employee. The black job prospect finds himself in several compromising positions as he's balls deep in some seasoned white pussy. If the office walls could speak then they'd speak of some insane interracial sex going on within its bounds. Charlee's white pussy gets ravaged right until the point where Isiah's big black cock explodes all over her face and glasses. We have a feeling he's secured his spot at this company.

Monday, November 20

Mature Milf Charlee Chase Is Bound & Tickled!

The tickler we all know and love becomes the ticklee in this instant classic of a clip. Charlee is lying face down, completely naked on the bed, her ankles tied with rope to the foot board. Now, Charlee is desperately horny and wants cock, but Elijah continues to tease her, switching between fucking her and tickling her. He squirts his jizz all over her big beautiful ass as she bounces it all around before he finishes her off by tickling her feet some more!